The wellness of the dance

The wellness of the dance

The wellness of the dance

The  Dance improves my well-being through movement, movements that release energies emanating from different parts of my body where the emotions are trapped, allowing them to flow freely to return them a psychotherapeutic and healing experience. Little by little in the heat of the music that I welcome, my body experiences feelings of freedom that reveal what is happening, so it is made present the feelings of joy, anger and even relief.


The movement of my body, begins to create wonders, to give way to a different way of overcoming conflicts that lead to changes in me, I moved I feel better, and it is that it seems difficult, but once submerged in the dance to the sound of music open my senses and begins a transformation in and outside, in a natural way; few are those who experienced resistance at first, because it is very easy to interact with me in.

The wellness of the dance:




Then I can express all my emotions, even those contained, anger, frustrations, fears, tastes and pleasures, where immediately I can experience the freedom, because dance is healing me free from stress, it helps Unclog emotions, helps my self-esteem through self-knowledge, eases my adaptation and therefore my interpersonal relationships, tones my body and helping me to rediscover my joy do need more benefits?


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It is important to recognize that my body does not lie, if something hurts it is because something is wrong and the body knows it, physically, mentally or emotionally, itis important to pay attention to help me, meet me and heal me little by little, even of the soul. The dance is that, the union of the movements of my body with the partmore intimate of my emotions.


The dance is for everyone, from children to older people who will achieve the balance between body, mind and soul, the benefits are many, with dance will be able move freely, mitigate harmful emotions and leave out the volunteer experience, through the language of the movement and what better my well-being is determined by that balance.


Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises, also called “cardios” or “aerobics”, are exercises in which starts to move the muscles of the body over a period of time long, usually greater than 20 minutes, at an intensity of 50% or more of its capacity, for purposes of achieving a calorie burning and optimal oxygenation. Is considered “aerobic” to the exercisethat requires of a constant demand of oxygen to the body, what makes that the muscle burn them fat stored for use to mode of “fuel for its actions.
Whereas the oxygen that enters our body by exercise we do, gives us the source ofenergy they need our cells.


Benefits of cardiovascular exercise


With these exercises is increased heart rate, promoting a good blood supply to thewhole body, and also increases the frequency or breathing rate, improving the provision of oxygen to every cell of the body. Also, these exercises in your intensity conducive to a healthy sweating, which helps eliminate toxins from the body through perspiration, thus improving our appearance and well-being from multiple sides.
You knew reader friends, eliminate toxins through sweating makes us less vulnerable to being sick, to suffer symptoms of flu or viral diseases.


Aerobic exercise will help you burn fat and calories from the body, facilitating low body weight and promoting healthy muscle development, without increasingvolume. They are also ideal to improve the mood, because we enjoy the release of hormones like endorphins, which improve our mood and vitality, our cardio
The burning of accumulated fat in our body, is essential, and this can be achieved by doing any kind of physical exercise as either mild or strong, obviously in this way we will burn more or less fat.


The frequency with which we have to do cardiovascular exercises


Since aerobics have to practice for a minimum of 20 minutes per session, at an intensity of 50% to 80% of muscular capacity, is not recommended to exceed with its practice, because the body consumes many of their powers and the result would not beexactly expected. That Yes: must not exceed 85% of beats per minute, as if we increase this rate the body not burning fats properly, but it begins to consume the book body of carbohydrates, leaving us without energy and fat little desired even in our body, in our cardiovascular exercises.
Here we must be careful, since if we increase the intensity of exercise because the truth is that instead of burning fat, we will achieve a negative result.


Recommended is to conduct 3 sessions per week, leaving at least one day of rest between one and the other, for about 30 minutes each session. Before each practice, itis recommended to preheat the muscles with a soft jogging or cycling, to avoid injury, and it is important to stretch the muscles at the end of each practice, our cardio-vascular workout.
For all exercise is very important at the end of practice do stretching of the muscles of the legs, arms, torso, and neck for a period of 3-5 minutes after finishing the session of exercises, this with the purpose that the muscles will not suffer when the next day we resume the daily session of cardio


Types of cardiovascular exercise


Aerobics are exercises that move large muscle masses for extended periods of time.Among the most popular we can mention trot, to brisk walks, cross-country skiing, swimming, running, cycling, dancing, training with weights that are practised by wayof aerobics, and exercises in one place exercising arms, trunk, and upper and lowerextremities with 30 repetitions each, no more than 30 minutes per day, remember dear reader that he is not strong if not that exercise moderate to burn fat and not exercising go to consume the energy accumulated in our body.







At this stage of the exercises many themes, myths and recommendations abound on the Internet; How to have a perfect abdominals, and put me in the task of investigating the issue, and found lots of information, I want to share with my dear readers.

After having researched, remove some conclusions, that today, I want to share, so that we achieve wellness for our body.

We must understand that each of the humans are unique and unrepeatable, much so we have already been programmed from our genetics and will make our personality, our body until diseases we can get to suffer in the short time of our life on Earth, therefore is to orient them and go to the most sophisticated gym We have on our side the more capable instructor, we have the tools more sophisticated to each have a body and some abdominal markings depends on two very important factors.


The first factor is genetics for abdominal:

So This  handed down her as it will make our body, if it tends to be thin, thick or simply tends to be bulky, and in this first factor there is fabric where to cut, because it is the answer to the question many day to day, we ask why my abdominals are not perfect? Is simply why, for some we will do both exercises and routines without stopping day after day and the results are quite slow, for others the results are average middle and to other people with little exercise and routines they are amazing, so my biggest motivation to you my readers is that they be not discouraged and to continue in the search for a perfect abdominal.

Being patient and search exercise or routine obtained best results in a personal way, since what serves me to me it is possible that for my friends little serve or not serve them, also found something that surprised me is that we are accustomed to the abdomen exercises are made by placing the body on a surface lasts either on the floor or something like that is of placing our body in a vertical , these exercises generate much pain and if you friend reader to tried these exercises without success I invite you to try exercises for the abdomen vertically, then I will indicate to them how to do it.



We will have to stand with feet together. We will raise up both arms in the air and lower them to the waist level where we have to lift one foot as high as you can, without using momentum to swing it up and without any pain.

We will have to continue to do so with only one leg during hard exercise and then change of extremity. This requires a Crackle in the torso, and effectively works the abdominal core, in order to maintain balance while we raise that leg.

Abdominal foot – diagonal step

This exercise is ideal for improving balance, involvement of the hip flexor, the lower abdominals and obliques. The benefits of this exercise go beyond simply toning our abdominal core, because it involves other muscle of the leg parts.

Foot – abdominal oblique twist

This increases the heart rate and calories burned, all while we work the oblique abdominals. In addition, we will work the thighs and buttocks. If we have to stop and take a break, we can do it, but we must make sure we do them perfectly.


Abdominal foot – waist gyrations

We have to turn the fingers of the left leg, and then take the left knee to the left elbow. We feel how we work mainly the oblique abdominal muscles, however, our core must also maintain firmness, being an excellent exercise to exercise the entire body.



The second factor is the emotions:

who believed him but so, you know that emotions play a decisive factor in our prosperity and above all in the way the exercises make our emotions change when we exercise, when we practice intense exercises stimulate the release of chemicals called endorphins, hormones that are produced in the brain and affect the brain regions responsible for emotions elevating the mood and creating a feeling of well-being throughout the body. For this reason, a firm and energetic workout will allow us to generate a greater amount of endorphins into the bloodstream, significantly improving our emotional state; but the recommendation is that when go to start do exercise always with an attitude positive and with desire of do.


wellness and our body

wellness and our body


The world has revolutionized and with the effects of these changes people have taken as a primary factor the harmony of your body, so much that now the physical activity and sport has become a primary need of human beings. Look good and feel good are the main factors that have generated that culture in young people and adultsin our society.


The Organization World of the health (who) defines the health as “a State full of well-being physical, mental and social


The exercise has great benefits on our mental and emotional state due to the release of endorphins (neurotransmitter that generates joy and well-being) and therefore takes the body to experience sensations of tranquility and much welfare, however, you may ask which exercises release endorphins? Then you will share some of the actions that will help you promote your States of happiness and positivity for body wellness today.


No doubt the cardiovascular exercises are the most common. Walking and joggingare activities that help you to release endorphins and are also important to preventdiseases and reduce fatigue. With just ten minutes a day, you may notice changes in your mood, or if you want to increase your benefits, you can extend life up to thirty minutes a day. However, it should be noted that any exercise you do will help you inthe activation of your body and generate well-being.

Body Wellness today:

Rest also is part of the activities that you can do to govern the body. Often you usually spend hours, days, months, etc., without entering in States of rest, knowing the importance which means generate well-being to the body. Salt the routine changes,activate and what better way to do so than exercise, maintain a proper posture, avoiding falling into monotony. Rest, your body wellness needs it.

It is well known that healthy food is one that provides all the essential nutrients andenergy that each person needs to stay healthy. Well, foods like chocolates, bananasand the spicy are now on the list of foods that will help in the release of endorphins,but prepare meals at home turns out to be more pleasant for the body that consume what you get on the street. This way you also bring well-being and pleasure to your body wellness today.


Other aspects of endorphins generator are good relations in social, fundamental for the well-being of the human being and essential to a healthy and full life. It is important to interact with positive and motivating people. Friends can also be at work, atany corner, at any time.


Here are some simple tips that will help you achieve the well-being that the body needs and a better life, recalls that a healthy body and a healthy mind are equal to a body governed by itself.


To close, I remember this phrase which has been very motivating in my life and nowwant them will share: “Take care of your body because it is the only place where youhave to live”. Jim Rohn.